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rStones 2 overview

What is rStones?

rStones is a unique add-in for CorelDRAW. It is compatible with any system, where full version of CorelDRAW (X3, X4, X5, or X6) with VBA is installed. (XP, Vista or Windows 7). CorelDraw X6 is now supported, including 64 bit!
Home&Student version is not supported!

It was made especially for designers who make rhinestone artwork for:

  • T-shirts
  • apparel
  • cell phone covers
  • patterns
  • and many other gifts...


rStones in combination with CorelDRAW, gives user huge conut of instruments to make the design process more efficient.

Using rStones, CorelDRAW users can achieve great results in a short time!

There will be no need to think about how to place stones along curves or to fill shapes. Users will think only about the design, and rStones will make everything else!

Main features.

rStones 2 has many interesting and useful features. Let me show you main of them.

Preview window.

rSotnes 2 has new unique tool - preview window. You'll love it! This window is available in 'placing along curve', 'fill shape' and 'fill bitmap' functions.
It gives you ability to see result without need to create stones in document - and this window helps you to save a lot of time - trust me. Because creating hundreds of stones takes a lot of time abd result can be not best. And you'll have to UnDo and try again with different parameters.

Each time you start function - this function creates stone list and add it to preview. And you can compare different results of same function by checking/unchecking it in preview list.

And finally, when you get best result, you can apply it and rStones will create only 'checked' stones-list from preview.



New filter windows has one interesting tab - 'Favorite'. As you can see, now you can add to favorite your own stones and have access to them at any time without need to click on filter - faster and easier.

Also filter allow you to choose how to place different stones - order.
This order is used in 'placing along curve', 'island fill', 'center line fill', 'fill with shape' and 'connect two stones' functions.

Note: to create one stones from catalog - simple double click on it, and it will be created in center of document preview.


Stones catalog.

rStones2 has own stones editor. The Stones editor window shows ALL stones in the catalog and lets you to view/change parameters of each stone.
You can add your own series to catalog. And for easier pricing, export a catalog to CSV format. Edit it in external software such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc and mport it again.
You can also share your series. rStones allows you to export and import different series to your catalog.


Placing along curve (inside or/and outside).

This function has many changes since first version. And all of them was made to make it more powerful and adaptive.

  • Start and End point fitting allow you to force rStones to start and finish at start and end point of curve.
  • Sharp option force rStones to process cursp nodes.
  • Now you have ability to create stones not on curve, inside curve, outside curve or both.
  • And by selecting few stones - you can set to change size in each row using 'change order in depth' tool.

See video:


Fill: simple grid.

Use.this type of fill to fill shape with stones using simple matrix mask. Or you can 'auto match' to make stones fill uniform.

See video:

Fill: simple grid with shift.

Same as simple fill, but each row of stones is shifted. You can use horizontal or vertical shift.

See video:

Fill: island.

Island fill - this type of fill creates rows of stones from shape edge to its inside part.

See video:

Fill: center line.

First of all rStones will create center line of object and then it will place stones, also rStones can make this stones with filling shape.
rStones uses own algorithm to create center line, which is better that CorelDRAW has.

See video:

Fill: blend.

You can get interesting effect using this type of fill with opened curve.
Also, do not forget, that you can select many stones from filter, and rStones will place them according selected order.

See video:

Fill: shape fill.

NEW Great feature! This type of ill allow you to choose shape of filling - you can use one of three integrated (circle, spiral, rays) or you can select your own shape and rStones will use it to place stones inside shape.
Also, do not forget, that you can select many stones from filter, and rStones will place them according selected order.

See video:

Fill: Random fill.

Great looking random stones will be with you now. You can select many stones in filter with different size and color, and rStones will randomly fill selected shapes with them.

See video:

Read more about fill types...

Bitmap fill.

You can use bitmap filling algorithms to full not only bitmaps - fill shape with it, result is awesome!.

And of course, great effect can achieved processing bitmaps. rStones can fill bitmaps by fitting size or color of stone. And DOT-style effect can make great art-works.

See video:

Editing stones.

rStones has some tools for editing stones after placing. Lets see most interesting of them.

Connecting two stones and converting circles to real-looking rhinestones sample.

Stone <-> primitive

You always can convert stones to primitives for better performance, or to real stones for great looking artwork.

Fix intersection

Use this feature to remove stones overlapping.

Replace shapes with stones

Great feature for processing traced artworks, or modify not-rStones artworks.
One interesting note - you can select many stones from catalog and rStones will try to find best stones (color and size) to fit selected shapes.

See this little tutor to get more information.

Align along curve

Useful feature to fix stones position on curve - you can simply fit stones to selected curve, or make them uniform along curve or two nodes on curve.

Select stones under shape outline/fill.

Now it is very easy to select all stones under shape.


Very powerful tool for preparing stencils (hot fix stones) or guide printouts (manual placing).

Cost calculator.

Cost calculator gives you all information about selected stones! After processing all similar stones will be grouped and you'll see only count and price of each group. You can specify price for each stone in list (default value is taken from catalog).
At the bottom of the form you can see summary information.

In options tab you can specify stone price Mark-Up, labor price (for manual placing each stone) and fixed design price. After making changes , do not forget to refresh common price.

T-shirt catalog and textures.

rStones has built-in T-shirts models, that can help you to start project from clear sheet.

And 'Set texture' feature will make your artworks looks 'real'.