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rStones 2 Stones catalog

Stones catalog.

rStones2 has own stones editor. The Stones editor window shows ALL stones in the catalog and lets you to view/change parameters of each stone.
You can add your own series to catalog. And for easier pricing, export a catalog to CSV format. Edit it in external software such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc and mport it again.
You can also share your series. rStones allows you to export and import different series to your catalog.

Adding own stones to catalog.


Adding own series to catalog it is very simple process.

First of all you have to have images of your new stones, but if you have no such images - it is not problem, you can use images from built-in catalog.

Lets start.

1. First of all you have to add Series. If you will not add series - you'll be not able to add sizes, colors and stones. You can specify series name and its type.

After you create new series, select it in filter, and you'll see, that it is empty - there is no stones in it, but before to create stones - you have to create sizes and colors of new series.

2. Now select your new series and press "add size" button. Specify new size name and diameter of stone wich will have this size.

3. After you add all sizes - you have to add colors.

Press "add color" button, and specify new color name

rStones can create stones as simple filled circles - so, you have to specify its color. Press "pick" button and pick new color.

After you pickk color - you have to select image for your new color. You can open your own images, or use standart Swarovsky images.

4. Now you ready to add new stones. Select your new series, all your sizes, all colors that you've created and press "add stone" button. And rStones will create stones.

Thast is all. Now all stones are added to catalog, and you can specify its Price. 

To modify prices of stones - better use "Catalog/Export prices to CSV" feature. in this case all prices will be exported to Excell format file and you'll be able to edit them in MSExcell (or similar software) and after that you can import them to rStones via "Catalog/Import prices from CSV"

Seting own shape as mask for series.